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There are numerous websites that claim to analyze facial beauty and Prettyscale is one of them in this guide, we are going to tell you about this specific website that claims to explore the facial features of people and tell the ideal proportions for the face of a man or woman. So, if you are even a little bit interested in face sciences and analyzing then, you are going to like our blog a lot.

What is PrettyScale?

PrettyScale. Com is a website that says that they give accurate reviews and analysis of the faces of people by measuring them and comparing them to the ideal proportions of male and female faces. The website requires that you upload a pic of yourself and then gives you ratings from the number 1 to 100 and tells you whether your face is beautiful or not. (Much appreciated!). The website also tells you the things that are wrong with your face and then, you start to wonder what you can do to fix those things according to them. So, Are the results on the website accurate?

Now, isn’t this the main catch whether the website is legit or not so, let me tell you that there is no reason to accept the results of the websites are correct and accurate, and do not think that we are going to tell you that this is just a simple review that we are giving because we have proper reasons that will tell you why you can believe the results that this website gives?

Why is the Prettyscale website not accurate?

There are many reasons why you should not believe the results and the ratings given by the Prettyscale website and we are going to tell you all the reasons here that will tell you that this website is not accurate.

  • Not enough measurements

The website asks you to place pointers on your face which may give you the feeling that they know what they are doing but, that is not the case. The reality is that you need much more than just that to analyze the facial features of any persona and the website does not catch any detail to give you a proper result. Another thing that you need to know about the website does not really care whether you have rotten teeth or feathers in your hair.

  • Pretending symmetry is everything

Maybe they have heard it from somewhere, but the website only focuses on symmetrical faces and acts like the only thing you need is a symmetry to be categorized as beautiful. This is definitely not the reality because if this would have been then, a lot of actors and models would fail the test of this website.

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