Top 7 Event Staffing Mistakes to Avoid 

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A successful event depends on a single individual and the team’s efforts as a whole. Everyone matters, and how they interact and build relationships with the clients and each other. Your event staff is the face of the brand you own. Be patient and sensible when recruiting event staff.

Staff hiring is often overlooked, which can eventually harm the face of your brand. Remember, reviews from the customers matter the most. Planned to Perfection Events Planning and Catering knows how to fulfill clients’ requirements and win their confidence through successful management.

From the day of signing the contract, every day comes with big decision-making. From the venue to decor and planning in the budget. What’s most important is whether you are comfortable with the features of the space or not.

In order to throw a successful event, learn how to avoid some common mistakes when hiring event staff.

No Solid Plan

Along with another marketing campaign, a specific plan with a mutual discussion of the team must be deduced once the event date is finalized. A staffing plan is extremely important to pull out a successful event. Also, things are different from the past when there was no pandemic. Don’t forget you need COVID-trained staff, and make sure to take all the necessary precautions.  

Your plan should include everything from the number of people required in the staff, whether you need experienced staff, and training sessions for the individuals.

Blind Hiring 

Never hire an individual for just someone’s reference. You know the efficiency and drill required to get the work done. Schedule personal interviews with every individual before making them a part of your team. This way, you’ll be able to observe their attitude and personality to evaluate their capability.

Keep in mind that the team is the face of your brand. A misfit can affect the image of your brand in a negative way. Even if the whole recruiting process seems time-consuming, it’s important to discuss it with the person you are planning to consider. You can have it over a phone or video call.

Go For Experiences Expertise

One of the biggest mistakes ones can make as a manager is hiring inexperienced individuals. It may seem an easy task to serve and work as a caterer, but the reality is actually different, and the whole process requires continuous monitoring. Someone aware of handling such situations and making instant decisions can get the job done the right way.

Experienced staff demands more money. Now you have to decide which area requires more experienced staff and eliminate the ones that don’t. Especially when you are leading a start-up, there is no need to overdo the expenses. It doesn’t mean you have to pay additional expenses over event parking or security. You can go for a tipping service in this regard and provide quality service to the attendees.

Putting Extra Focus on Appearance

Appearance matters when it comes to brand representation. A fine personality lays a good impression on the customer. The event management business is very demanding, and a more polished professional is appreciated. 

While focusing on the polished professional, don’t just go for looks. It’s not a matter of height, color, weight, hair, or waist size but more than someone who can represent you better. Personality isn’t just about looks, but how you carry yourself, the way you talk, and overall skills. Instead of going for someone on the basis of their appearance, consider the whole package before hiring one.

Too Little Staff Budget

The way customers perceive your brand and think about it highly depends on your staff. A professional and qualified staff is able to represent your brand more positively and get your business to grow. Brand perceptions aren’t just about throwing a successful event but having your customers talk about you even after the event.

Don’t go extremely low over your staff budget because everything else is secondary. Spending a little extra and working with experienced and professional staff will benefit you in the long run. Quality staff means no excessive worries and headaches along the process, as they know how to deal. You’ll get them at market competitive rates only.

Ignoring Your Attendees 

Events can be of different levels, each demanding a unique service. You can’t go with the same attitude and theme for every event. Some events might require a more formal theme with a more professional staff. You can go with a more informal atmosphere if it’s just about close friends and family.

The consumer will guide you more on whether he wants a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s easier that way, or you can judge on your own. Know the attendees and their expectations. Keep the requirements in your mind throughout the planning phase. 

Poor Communication

Communication is the key to successful teamwork and event management. You can miss several things when you discuss and provide your staff with important details such as location, event contact information, etc. The stronger the communication, the fewer the chances of forgetting stuff.

The team must be connected internally when you use the cloud to make access more feasible. It helps with seamless execution and staff retention. 

The Bottom Line

You finally get an event coming that you’ve been planning for a long time. Post COVID-19, opening the doors and welcoming your guests feels great. The last thing you would want is unprofessional behavior and the execution of your plan. Follow the tips above and set your production crew up for success.

A well-trained staff is extremely important when it comes to event management. Along with skills, they must be polite and humble with their behavior toward other staff and the guests. It’s absolutely normal to experience going things against plan, but a good team manages to overcome such risks.

Planned to Perfection Events Planning and Catering owns a team of professional workers and staff who’ll take over the whole event management for you, from planning to execution, making it the most memorable one.

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