Four ways EV can boost and benefit to your business in India…


If we talk about the EV charging stations, it is an apparatus that directly connects an electric vehicle as a source of electricity to charge an electric cars, hybrid cars are the best one to have as they charge quickly and can be use for  a long way. Now smart charging electric vehicles have upgraded features such as- cellular capability, network connectivity while other ones are very basic and common.

Electric charging stations are also known as EV charging or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and parking locations are provided by electric utility companies or any retail shopping centres. Generally they are provided by the private companies and along with this they also carry special connectors that confirms the variety of electric charging standards. To know more about the EV charging keep on the track of reading the article.

Why Indian companies wants to build their business in EV?

Electric vehicles have improved the quality of the air around them

Inhaling polluted air has detrimental effects on our health and the health of our world. As people and business owners, our efforts to enhance air quality will benefit all living things and the long-term viability of life on the planet. Because they emit no emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) are a valuable resource in the fight to clean up the air. EV charging stations are an excellent way to help the environment by encouraging the use of an environmentally friendly technology.

Declare to Employees What the Company Values Are

Provided at corporate sites, an EV charging station shows employees that the company values are eco-conscious, responsible and forward-thinking. It promotes a culture of shared values among the company’s personnel. If everyone does their bit, a shift to cleaner energy is doable and attainable, as demonstrated by these business objectives. Prospective clients will perceive your organization as more trustworthy as a result of this objective.

Maintaining a High-Quality Workforce

To encourage and facilitate the use of EV vehicles, companies should consider installing EV charging stations in their facilities. How long does an employee spend in your parking lot? They may spend all of those hours to charge their automobile, which is a major benefit, especially for those who don’t have a home charger. In regions where EVs are eligible for carpool lanes, this benefit can help shorten travel times. An electric vehicle charger may be an effective tool in the recruitment and retention of outstanding staff.

Now is the Time to Prepare for the Future

Some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues can be solved by using electric vehicles. For both financial and environmental reasons, installing an EV charging station on your property is a smart business move.

Demand for additional public charging stations is driving up the price of domestic ESVE equipment, which is unable to accommodate quicker charging at higher voltages and currents. The number of public charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) is steadily expanding across the world. These networks were made possible because to agreements reached by governments, manufacturers, and providers of charging infrastructure.

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