7 Ways An Escape Room Activity Will Help Your Child Achieve Advanced Mental Growth


The escape room industry all across the world has boomed in recent years, welcoming people of varied tastes and age groups under its shadow. This ‘experiential entertainment is popular for its combination of fun and learning, all the while allowing players to enjoy an interactive, off-the-grid amusement like no other.

Brands like Clue Chase escape room invest a lot of effort and resources into curating experiences that help the players disconnect from their real-life stress and get immersed in the fun of the adventure. And it is not only adults who are benefitted from this activity. Playing the escape games can be an equally enriching experience for your kid too!

Wondering how? Check out the following 7 ways to know how the escapades help your child to achieve advanced mental growth.  

  1. Enrich the creative potential of your child!

Escape rooms enable the player to start thinking away from the beaten track in creative and innovative ways. To win the game, players need to scrutinize every detail of the escape room and use a different lens in viewing things.  

With the world adjusting itself to the newly adapted digital world, children have become all the more hooked to mobile phones or tablets. It has led to reduced imaginative potential in kids of this age. They find greater joy in playing games or watching videos on YouTube. But, by taking your kid to an escape room, you allow them to think out-of-the-box, in a situation where no mobile phone can help. Thus, the escapades help immensely boost the creative potential of your child!  

  1. Boost the problem-solving abilities of your kid

The escape games offer your kid an immersive space to work on their problem-solving abilities. It is a necessary skill for all of us to possess in moving on with our lives. Once inside the escape room, your kid would be made to think critically to assess the problem before them and find a fruitful solution to it.  

Problem-solving abilities are a vital aspect of advanced mental growth, which your kid can nurture by playing an escape room game. Each of the unique puzzles in the game would require your kid to think differently to solve the tricky challenge! So, playing escape games can help you immensely in boosting the problem-solving abilities of your child!  

  1. Uplift the gloomy mood of your child in no time!

Escape rooms can be a unique way to uplift the mood of your child. As your kids indulge in an escape room game and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the game, they’ll forget all about things that bore them down.

Escape games call for engaging participation on the part of every player, allowing them to enjoy themselves thoroughly! Hunting for clues in a locked room, and solving them in time, will cheer up your kid in no time.  

  1. Inculcate team working ability in your child  

The escape games are essentially team games that require every team member to participate equally. From proper communication between every team player to working together towards a shared goal, there are several aspects that these games touch upon.  

When your child possesses such a vital skill, it also helps them further on in their lives. It increases their ability to work as teams on group projects much more easily. Furthermore, they can also better adapt to the team working mindset that work-life would demand from them later on! There is no doubt that escape games can be fruitful in helping you harness a team-working mindset.  

  1. Help your child develop a keenness for details  

Noting the intricate details of things around you is something that becomes crucial for escape room games. Your clues can be hidden anywhere inside the game room, so you can leave no stone unturned! Missing out on noticing the clues that are hidden in the room can make you lose much of your time. So, you better pay attention to every little detail here.  

When your kid plays such a game, they consequently develop a sharp eye for noticing every little aspect of their surroundings. It will thereby help them to develop a sharp thinking ability too, and help them face many real-life scenarios much more easily than earlier!

  1. Increase the time management ability of your child

With human lives becoming all the more hectic today, time management has become a vital skill for all of us to possess. It is only when you can organize and manage your time well that you can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.  

Playing escape games can help your kid harness this essential skill. Escape rooms are founded on the very concept of time management. Once inside the game room, your team will have only 60 minutes to crack the game. Thus, the escapades can help your kid to harness time management skills creatively!

  1. Increase the memory of your child

While playing an escape game, your kid must remember all the clues that they have discovered so far. The only way to escape the room is by remembering all the clues that you uncover and joining the dots between them at last.  

So, when your kid plays a game like this, they are made to push their boundaries and recollect all the clues that they have come across. Thus, playing an escape game can help your kid boost their memory through the amazing experience that the game entails!  

The impact of escape rooms can go beyond known limits in guiding a child’s mental development if it is curated creatively. This is the reason why many educators today prefer the mode of escape rooms to impart classroom learning.  

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