11 Ways to choose the best Topics for a Narrative Essay

narrative essay topics

How to choose the best topics for a narrative essay can be cumbersome for students. The experts of Write My Essay Pro suggest the best tips for selecting the topics for a narrative essay to the students. 

A narrative essay is a kind of essay assignment. As the name suggests, it is like narrating a story. This type of essay tells a story about a personal experience that the writer has. For writing top-quality topics for narrative essay, students must have good creative and writing skills to compile the information in proper structure. 

When the students are assigned the narrative essay for writing, the teachers actually want to check the ability of students how they will convey the story in a clear ad interesting way. Students need to think about the points of the story that can intrigue the reader’s interest. They should use the proper language to narrate their points. The narrative essays are written in first-person pronouns using figurative language, and dialogues.

Selecting the best narrative essay topics can be a tedious job for students because they do not have a good understanding of them. They can take suggestions from the experts of Write My Essay Pro to select the best topics.  To solve the problem of students, some important topics are given in this blog, to select an appropriate narrative essay topic.

11 Ways to Choose the Best Topics for a Narrative Essay

Choosing an appropriate topic for writing a narrative essay is important in many ways. The success of writing and securing good grades depend on the selection of topics.  Follow the tips to choose the perfect topics for a narrative essay.

  1. Choose the Type of a Narrative Essay

While selecting the topics for a narrative essay, make sure you know which type of narrative essay you want to write. You should think about it properly whether you want to tell a story or produce a description. In the story, you can write the incident of your real-life story. In the description or descriptive essay, you can write a story about a person. Choose the criteria for writing a narrative essay. 

  • Easy and relatable topics

Most academic papers are boring that can mislead the students during the writing procedure. You should select a topic that should be easy, touching, and unique so that reader can take an interest while reading. 

  • Be comfortable in writing style

When you choose good topics for a narrative essay yourself, think about your own writing style that is comfortable to you. It helps you in the process of essay writing.       

  • Be Passionate about the topic

Select the narrative essay topics in which you are passionate about communicating or writing. It helps you to present the significant points of the topic confidently. It enables you to explain the topic in an impressive what and to score good grades.     

  • Be mindful of your audience  

You should not ignore the interest of your audience while selecting the narrative essay topics. Choosing a real experience of your life can connect your reader with your essay.

  • Memorize the ideas of the topic

While selecting the narrative essay topics memorize the ideas or events properly. It helps you to discuss the points in detail that gives a clear understanding to the readers. 

  • Pick a topic that’s neither too broad nor too narrow.

The purpose of writing a narrative essay is to show your creative skills and excite the reader with your write-up. It is important to select a specific topic that should be too narrow or too broad. 

  • Must have a clear understanding of the topic

You need to select the topic in that you must have a clear understanding. Clarity about the topic helps students to present information in a proper way.     

  • Don’t be scared to experiment

The type of narrative essay gives you an opportunity to show your creative skills in form of writing. You should feel free to experiment with the topic, style, and techniques.

  1. Should have clarity about structuring the topic

While working on the narrative essay, feel free to select an interesting topic in which you can use your creative skills. But, don’t forget the goal of the essay and use the proper structure to include relevant information.

  1. Consult with your experts or professors

Finding difficulty in selecting an appropriate topic, you can consult with your professors or professional experts.


Follow the above-explained tips to choose the best topics for a narrative essay. You can take suggestions from the experts of the Write My Essay Pro service. They can suggest the best narrative essay topics.  

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