What kind of dental care does Spanish Social Security provide?


What Spanish dental assistance does Social Security offer? Get to know all free dental implants for seniors, This is a common question that our readers ask. This article will answer these and other questions.

The public health system in our country offers a variety of dental assistance to its citizens. Even though these services seem very limit from our perspective, it is important that you know which dental services are cover under Social Security.

What is the Spanish Social Security Dental Benefits?

Spain’s social security system provides coverage for medical services. Primary and hospitalisation are the two types of health care available.

The Spanish Social Security system operates in a similar manner across the country, but the regulations and benefits vary within the Autonomous Communities.

Public Health is responsible for planning education programs and emergency care in relation to dental health.

Social Security dental assistance

Social Security Spain’s dental coverage is low despite it being one of the most requested services. It covers basic and primary services. We will now discuss some of them.

Information programs

This includes developing informative programs that educate and guide the public about basic oral hygiene routines in order to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Treatments for acute dental processes

It deals with infections and inflammations in the oral area. These can be cause by fractures,/or mucosal injury, and/or injuries to the jaw region. Professional treatments include minor interventions, extractions, and diagnosis for cancer detection in the oral region.

These are the Spanish Public Health’s dental emergency services. These treatments are not cover by every autonomous community.

  • Infections and inflammations
  • Social security dentists can treat acute infections like abscesses. You can also get treatment for serious inflammations of the oral area.
  • Osseous-dental trauma
  • This policy covers serious injuries to teeth, bones, and/or soft tissues (gums tongue palate, palate, etc.). They can be caused by impacts or blows to the mouth.
  • Oral mucosal lesions

These are a common cause of many pathologies such as oral leukoplakia. These white spots can develop in the mouth and may be cancerous. Oral candidiasis, lichen planus, and other diseases can also affect the mucosa. The social security dentist can treat acute lesions of the oral mucosa.

Temporomandibular joint acute pathology

The temporomandibular (temporal bone) joint connects the jaw to the bones of your skull. It allows chewing and speech to be performed. A variety of diseases can lead to severe pain or disorders in the joint.


Sometimes, it’s necessary to remove one or more teeth to treat an infection, trauma, or other serious condition. The only exception to this rule is when an emergency situation calls for the removal of teeth. If you are unsure, consult a specialist.

Reviews and biopsies

Premalignant mucosal lesions are covered by public health. These lesions can be more likely to develop cancer. These types of lesions can also be covered by biopsies.

Pregnancy care

It is responsible to teach all information about nutrition and oral health to pregnant women during gestation. Training is also provided for women who are pregnant to maintain good oral hygiene. Topical fluoride can also be applied to each woman’s needs.

Children deserve our attention

Spanish Public Health offers social care plans for children, including the topical fluoride and fissure treatment services.

What are the objectives of Social Security’s dental assistance?

  • Encourage the education and training of citizens about oral hygiene issues
  • Regular health supervision can prevent the development of oral diseases.
  • Primary care for children with oral and dental problems.
  • Contribute towards the reduction of cancerous and precancerous diseases
  • Patients who don’t have the financial resources to pay for private treatment can receive public dental assistance.

The following video features Dr. Castro, President of the General Dental Council, explaining in an interview how important Spain is for good oral hygiene and the free preventative measures taken in Spain.

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