Donation of household goods that are no longer in use


You can donate household goods you don’t use anymore and that are in good condition to another person to an NGO through 147.

In 2014, the Disused Household Assets Program (DHAP) was established to help people find assets that can be reused. Programs that offer free beds near me. This extends the asset’s useful life and prevents it from being buried in unsanitary landfills.

Furniture (tables and chairs, chests with drawers, bookshelves, chests of drawers) are all acceptable items that can be donated. Appliances (refrigerators and washing machines, televisions or complete computers), Gas appliances (stoves and stoves, hot-water tanks), new construction materials, complete openings. These materials must be in good condition so that they can be used by someone else.

Because they are inputs to their work, the following organization removes disused household assets:

Decent Housing Foundation : Since 1979, Decent Housing Foundation has worked with low-income families to improve and equip their homes. They offer furniture and other construction materials at a social price through their social corralones in Boulogne or La Tablada. With the money they collect, they continue to improve their programs. This social organization has already helped more than 12,000 families to furnish their homes.

Free help is available to those who meet the criteria for basic necessities and living expenses. These funds come from both the government and non-profit organizations. You must be at least 60 years old and have children or a low income to be eligible for this assistance. Here are some references to various programs and help sites available in the United States.

Food coupons or food stamps –

This program is for those with low incomes who meet the requirements. Apply online or in person at one of the local office. If you are eligible, there is an emergency coupon program. You can find more information at the USDA agency.

Federal emergency money – The Administration for Children and Families administers federal assistance services. Every state is eligible to receive money to assist families in financial need. Visit one of the local offices to apply. You can find more information at the HHS department. Search by state name.

Department for the Aging Department for the Aging is where each state manages funds to assist seniors in need. For more information, search for “Department of Aging” and the name of your state. The department provides financial assistance to those who are eligible to pay rent or other essentials. This is an example of a New York State department. – The Salvation Army offers many services such as food and clothing for free, as well as programs that are available to seniors. To find an office near you, visit the online site. provides assistance for seniors, immigrant, disabled, young people, and other individuals who are eligible. Use the site’s search engine to find a Goddwill office near you. – Catholic organizations have food and accessory aid, some have financial aid for people who qualify. Use the search engine at Catholic Charities to find a Catholic charity near you.

Food pantries offer free food – provides a listing of food pantries across the country. To find a food pantry in your area, search by the name of your city. is another website that offers free food for every state. You can search the site to find the phone number and address of local food banks.

Many of these organizations welcome donations and volunteer services. Visit the websites of these organizations to make donations or donate your time.

Follow their Twitter Page for more information.

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