5 Items you can make from your scrap gold


One of the most common metals that has a widespread use in the jewellery industry is gold. It a yellow coloured metal that is soft in its pure form and is therefore mixed with certain other metals to increase its strength. Gold is a versatile metal which when used in jewellery making increases the tarnish resistance of the jewellery item. Therefore, gold jewellery tends to last for a long time and is often passed down from one generation to another. This increased shelf life of gold jewellery is both a boon and a bane.

Since gold jewellery is passed down through generations in a family, some of us may have gold jewellery that is dilapidated or broken. Certain electronics also use gold for making some parts and therefore the outdated ones may contain some gold. This gold, which may be a part of jewellery, electronics, tooth crowns or medals, which has lost its original value is known as scrap gold. Scrap gold is generally sent to a refinery where it is melted and the extracted gold is recycled into different things. You can use the extracted gold to make jewellery such as

Gold ring

One of the best uses of scrap gold is to recycle it into a wedding band. You can either make it into a plain gold wedding band or stud it with some diamonds to make a diamond wedding ring London.  You can use some professional help and alloy the scrap gold metal into white gold or rose gold as per your preference and get a ring made.

Gold pendant

Making a gold pendant is a great way to use scrap gold metal. A gold pendant is tiny and does not require much metal for fabrication. You can make a pendant that is significant to you such as a letter pendant or a pendant which is embellished with different stones. You can also choose to mix it with other colour metals such as platinum or rose gold to make a colourful pendant.

Gold chain

A simple gold chain to hold any kind of pendant is a great way to reuse your scrap gold. You can add a pendant to this gold chain or wear it with other necklaces to get a layered necklace design. A gold chain has a simple design and can be worn every day because of the versatility of gold metal.

Gold brooch

A brooch is a tiny jewellery item that is added to the lapel of a coat and is worn to signify a certain principle or belief. Scrap gold can be used to fabricate a brooch of your choice that stands for something you believe in. You can choose to have a plain gold brooch or embellish it with Lab grown diamonds hatton garden.

Gold bracelet A simple gold bracelet can be made of scrap gold. A simple gold bracelet is an easy way to elevate any outfit and you can get it fabricated by using scrap gold and the professional skills of a jeweller.

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