Top 4 Benefits of Deploying Video Walls for Security Applications

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Video walls aren’t just a “nice to have” anymore. They are becoming a critical part of operations and collaborations for many organizations. This is particularly true for video walls for security applications. The primary purpose of video walls for security applications is to provide control room administrators and control room operators with situational awareness and provide timely information from real-time sources, such as CCTV, IP cameras, networked applications, videos, computers, etc., that could be simultaneously shown and shared across multiple displays. Having a large video wall in a control room, that is shared by many operators at a time, facilitates and encourages informed decision-making on a unified level, which is vital for control rooms and mission-critical operations. If you are still not convinced about the importance of video walls for security applications, have a look at the top four benefits described in this article:

Protecting Vital Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure like power and water utilities, transportation systems and data centers, regularly faces hidden threats. These could vary in the forms of cyberattacks, potential terrorist threats, natural disasters, or operational faults that trigger severe consequences. By using video walls for security applications in control rooms and operations, where real-time visual information coming from several sources, such as operators’ computers or dashboards, maps, or cameras, are displayed for shared viewing, can ensure that critical infrastructure remains protected. Since video walls allow operators to monitor visual information in a cohesive way, which can be analyzed and shared quickly with supervisors and decision-makers, they help mitigate threats or situations before they snowball into something more serious and unmanageable. Even proactive actions become possible with quick decision-making facilitated by video walls for security applications.

Facilitating Centralized Information for Emergency Operations

When handling emergencies, management and response teams need high-resolution visual information, feeds, or graphics for speedy and accurate reactions. Your security umbrella could be made of diverse systems like video surveillance, access control, water intrusion detection, or fire alarm. These all need to be integrated into the central command center. Video walls for security applications help centralize information, tools, dashboards, and applications with the integration of all the information that may be coming from various sources, and then readily display it or provide warnings, alerts, and health status simultaneously to operators and any other stakeholders. Since multiple agencies and people work under severe time constraints to handle emergencies, they need to effectively collaborate to decide the right course of action. Since emergency operations may run continuously for several hours and even days, with people joining in from different shifts, the information passed on and displayed needs to be consistent and reliable. This is where video walls for security applications play a critical role in making the right information available to the right people at the right time.

Empowering Control Rooms

For any operation – be it in a factory, a power plant, an airport, or any other multifaceted facility, the control room typically acts as the central nervous system. To ensure such complex facilities run properly, control room operators need to monitor and evaluate massive quantities of data within a short time to make informed decisions, often under tremendous pressure. Video walls for security applications can empower and greatly increase the work efficiency of control room operators and plant managers. They ensure that all critical information from multiple sources is visible on a single display surface, which can be managed, analyzed, and shared quickly for reference and informed decision-making.

Safeguarding High-End Property and Human Lives

Whether you want to secure people’s lives from the threat of physical attacks, cyberattacks, terrorism, antisocial elements, or other criminal acts, or whether you seek to safeguard high-value equipment and inventory, video walls for security applications can certainly help. With the continuous availability of reliable, real-time information on huge displays for situational awareness, and protecting people from unforeseen threats, now has the right technology most readily available. To protect high-value inventory or equipment, video camera feeds backed by access-controlled entries, RFID tags to track the movement of inventory or equipment, etc., can help. Installing video walls for security applications in high-security areas can also help spot intruders and unauthorized people, who somehow evaded access control.

Video Wall Solutions for Security Applications from VuWall

VuWall’s TRx is a unique centralized management platform that displays real-time information from multiple sources to drive seamless collaboration between operators, their supervisors, and the organization’s decision-makers. Backed by their 50+ VuWall certified partners in 20 countries, VuWall’s video wall solutions for security applications come equipped with global access to top-notch technical support. For a wide range of video wall solutions, you can browse VuWall website, one of the world’s leading companies in video wall management and unified visualization solutions.

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