Some amazing benefits of coconut oil

benefits of coconut oil

There is no doubt in saying that coconut oil is one of the best natural oils that has been preferred much by people. Now it has outshined the famous lip balm brand Chapstick. Coconut oil is used for multiple purposes cooking, for hair, and as a skin lotion. Now there is something that people have been preferring this oil as it provides amazing benefits to your body and mind. 

If you think it is some kind of marketing stuff, then let me tell you it is not at all. According to research, it has been proved that adding coconut oil to your diet, then it will going to benefit your health, your physical aura, and well-being. Besides this, coconut oil will also improve your sex life. Want to know how then read this blog till the end as today, I am going to list down some of the 5 major benefits of this natural oil. 

5 amazing benefits of coconut oil

Let us begin our exploration with the benefits of coconut oil which include:

Reducing weight

Some animals might look cute and cuddly in being fat, but the same is not the case with humans. If you have put upon excess weight, and are ashamed to look in the mirror, then it’s time to shed those extra kilos by doing some physical exercises, and using coconut oil. The oil is acquainted with MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) that help shed excess fat. 

Fights bacteria

Coconut oil contains half fatty acids which are lauric acid, which helps in fighting bacteria, fungi, and viruses. If you have any infections, then applying coconut oil externally, will help you get rid of them. After ingesting coconut oil, it quickly responds to enzymes and forms a monoglyceride, monolaurin. 

A natural and better lubricant for sex

There are many amazing benefits of coconut oil. It can be a natural and safe lubricant for your sex drive. Yes, you heard it right. This oil is beneficial in fighting yeast infections or tearing of sensitive skin during intimacy. Applying this oil to your carnal area will make you have long-lasting fun with your partner. You won’t even find the need for condoms when coconut oil is enough to make your night memorable. 

Burns calories

As mentioned above, coconut oil contains MCTs that help boost the energy of your body and also for calorie burning. There are several supplements that MCTs but in processed forms, which are not much effective. But if you add real coconut oil, then you will surely be getting MCTS naturally which will have a great result. Adding a few tablespoons of this natural oil to your muscle-building shake regularly will give you ample benefits.

Curbs hunger

If you have uncontrolled food cravings, then coconut oil comes as the best solution for curbing your appetite. According to a study, it has been found that those who consumed maximum MCTs during their morning meal had lesser calories during lunch. This proves the fact that with added MCTs, coconut oil is indeed a better remedy to reduce your weight. 

Improves memory

People who are unable to recall things must start applying coconut oil as it improves memory power due to having elements of MCTs. It gets absorbed in the body much easier. Those who are suffering from cognitive disorders should start taking coconut oil. If any of your relatives have developed Alzheimer’s, then he/she may have lost the ability to create insulin. But the ketones from this natural oil are of much help in rehabilitating the functioning of the brain, according to a study.

Good for heart health

Other than containing MCTs, coconut oil is also rich in natural saturated fats. This indeed sounds good, but it is true. The saturated fats found in this natural oil function differently in comparison to foods that are derived from animals like cheese, butter, meat, and cream. Using coconut oil is a boon to your heart health as it narrows down the risk of heart-related ailments. 

A natural moisturizer for your skin and hair

If you have dry skin, then you should start using coconut oil as it helps in improving the moisture and lipid content of the skin. Natural oil is also beneficial for your hair problems. If you notice the white flakes on your hair and shoulders then it is a clear indication of dandruff. But if you use coconut oil, then you will get rid of it. 

Best for oral hygiene

Apart from other benefits, coconut oil is also useful in cleansing bacteria from your mouth. You should make a habit of swishing this oil in your mouth in the morning and night. 

Helps in hormonal balance

Coconut oil is very useful in maintaining hormonal balance in men and women as it contains lauric acid. 

Treats epilepsy and seizures

The MCTs found in coconut oil are helpful in treating epilepsy and reducing seizure frequency. 

Ending note

So now you see coconut oil excels in every aspect of the human body. Then why waste your money on buying chemical products that can harm your skin and hair. This natural oil is enough to resolve your problems with the heart, skin, hair, and body. Beware of counterfeit coconut oils that can result in an adverse effect on your skin and health.  Be very careful in spotting the real coconut oil by buying it from a genuine store. MedGrids takes initiative with anti-counterfeiting solutions for the better well-being of people. 

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