Don’t google which Dinosaur has 500 teeth


Do everything you can avoid Google Google. What Dinosaur was it that had 500 teeth? This is an original Google joke that circulated on Reddit. The Google search for “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” will take users to the archives for “Nigersaurus.” The public is advised against this and suggests that people like that name in reference to the N-word.

The first blog post warning people against Googling to locate the 500-toothed dinosaur was posted on September 6th, 2019, among teenagers by a user whose account was later deleted.

What exactly does a Dinosaur with 500 teeth really mean?

The dinosaur, sporting 500 teeth was found in Niger The Republic of Niger in 1999. Names like Nigersaurus were assigned to it because of its similarity to an elk, and the teeth were made to protect food near the surface. However, the name Nigersaurus could be a lie, as it appears to be a joke. The purpose behind it was to encourage health and not dissuade people from the enigmatic name.

In any case, the perfect joke could be used in a variety of ways. Recent studies have revealed that a particular species of dinosaur has more than 500 teeth. One fossil belonging to this species was found within the Republic of Niger. The designation Nigersaurus Taqueti was given to the animal by its founder, American researcher Paul Sereno. Thankfully the internet did not alter the image and the meme was taken off the internet.

What made this meme well-known?

The joke was shared via YouTube on the 20th of January in 2020. Client WarmerBasson69 published an article about the joke on January 20 and received more than 66,000 views. Client Izzy Tube posted a video on January 23rd and received more than 2200 views. Both accounts have been closed. The meme was first reported by The Sun in January of 2020. Improvement Hussey posted the clip where they searched for the dinosaur on Google and accumulated 5200+ views (shown below to the left). Client GGXRazorz has also shared an identical video with more than 11,000 views.

History of Nigersaurus.

It is believed that this Dinosaur has a mouth, which was around 110 million years ago. They also eat lots of plants. The first fossils like this have been discovered by French scientists in 1965. They were later identified by the scientist who called them”the Nigersaurus Taquet.

About 110 million years earlier about 110 million years prior The nigersaurus Taqueti was an herbivore that lived in the cretaceous period. This kind of Dinosaur was found throughout the regions like that the Niger district.

This was the start of a strange phenomenon.

The web is full of oddities. A real model that has been confirmed is to search to the internet’s HTML1 model. what dinosaur has 500 teeth. This question has evolved into an internet meme due to the fact that the reality of the internet is overflowing with incredible, and an integral part of the ever-changing content. There’s a better way of answering the query: What dinosaur has 500 teeth longest? It’s a good thing we have the Internet transformed into one of the best sources for information about some of the most obscure subjects. The dinosaur with the biggest teeth?

The dinosaur with the largest number of teeth. It was known as Nigersaurus Taqueti . It was named after its pioneer of it, Paul Sereno. The reptile was around 30 feet long and had more than 500 teeth. The massive teeth could have been formed as brushes, allowing it to study plants and consume leaves. The most commonly used term used for the kind of animal is Nigersaurus Taqueria. It’s in existence at current.

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