Which is best for your Eye Sights: Contact Lenses or Spectacles?

contact lens

Among the main ones are those refractive errors, such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and eyestrain. In these cases, treatment is easy, using corrective lenses.

Correction can be done with contact lenses or glasses. With a wide variety of products, for different purposes and various “extras”, choosing between the two options can be confusing.

Depending on the case, the most suitable option varies. Thinking about it, we separate tips for you to find out which is the best, contact lenses or glasses. It is important to note that this guide is not a definitive answer; this can only be given by ophthalmologists, who should always be consulted before purchasing a corrective lens.

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Available types

Both glasses and contact lenses come in a wide variety, with solutions for different types of vision problems and extra functions.


On the one hand, glasses have a greater variety of functions. In addition to the necessary correction, many modern versions appear with other characteristics, such as scratch treatments, anti-reflection and even those that filter harmful blue light, which is emitted by electronic screens, such as computers and cell phones.

In the past, lenses with a high degree were thick and uncomfortable, negatively interfering with aesthetics. However, nowadays it is already possible to find thin and comfortable versions, commonly produced in resin. In the end, the material of manufacture will be primarily defined by the degree of the vision and budget problem.

Contact lenses

Roughly speaking, there are two main types of contact lens: hard and soft.

The rigid ones are the most recommended option for those who have high degrees of vision problems. As its name makes clear, it is firm, resistant to bacteria and long-lasting. At the same time, they can annoy the user.

The gelatinous ones are more comfortable, being larger and thinner than the rigid ones. They are more recommended for lower grades and allow greater passage of oxygen.

There are still torics, which can be purchased both in rigid and gelatinous versions. Unlike the traditional ones, it presents curvature at different angles, being recommended for the correction of astigmatism.

Comfort and style

Since the use of corrective lenses is necessary, many are looking for models that can translate their style and deliver comfort.

Contact lenses

Because they are “invisible”, contact lenses do not add directly to the style, with the exception of the colored versions. However, by opting for them, the person gains greater freedom to test different eye makeup, which would be hidden behind the glasses.

Comfort is a controversial point. There are people who get used to it the first time using contact lenses, but there are those who can’t adapt. The recommendation is always to have an eyedrop of your own for contact lens wearers, which can relieve the discomfort.

With a time of use, it is common for people to get used to it and not even feel the lens in the eye, but it is always good to test them before buying. To do this, talk to your eye doctor and see if the office offers a test.

Colored contact lenses can be interesting for those who want to change their look. If in the past they left a strange and artificial appearance, today good colored lenses are more natural. The tip is always to test different colors, remembering that the final tone is affected by the color of the original eye. The Ortho-K types of lenses are the best to cure your eyesight without any surgical techniques or operation.


One of the biggest advantages of glasses is the wide variety of styles of frames, which makes them a fashion accessory capable of changing the look. For those who want to use it for this purpose, it is interesting to look for models that match the shape of the face.

  • Oval faces perfectly match a variety of frame styles, such as square, oval and oversized.
  • Square faces are a perfect match for cat-eye, oval or round frames, which are also ideal for long faces.
  • On diamond-shaped faces, straight frames at the top and oval bottom are recommended, like the famous aviator model.
  • Round faces match square and rectangular frames.

The comfort of the frames mainly depends on a good fit on the face. Good quality pieces have several possibilities for adjustments and maintenance, such as alignment of the temples, which increases comfort and durability, two very important things for those who wear glasses most of the day.

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