How to find the right product in our vacuum cleaner comparison


Does your old vacuum cleaner no longer vacuum properly, do rollers fall off the device, or are you considering switching to a bagless device? Then you should deal with the offer of vacuum cleaners in detail.

We have researched various vacuum cleaner tests on the Internet, and what you should pay attention to when choosing different floor types and coverings. Find the right device for hygienically clean floors quickly and clearly in our comparison table.

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The most important in a nutshell

  • You not only have the choice between vacuum cleaners with bags and vacuum cleaners without bags, but more and more robot vacuums, cordless vacuum cleaners, and wiping robots are populating the market. With each of these devices, the functionality, the selection of attachments, and nozzles in coordination with the type of floor is an important purchase criterion.
  • Ideally, vacuum cleaners have a high performance in tests on the Internet, which suck in the finest dust and coarse dirt with low weight and a low volume. In addition, you may choose a floor vacuum cleaner for animal hair or a floor vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers with special filters to suit your everyday life.
  • Pay attention to long operating times with the floor vacuum cleaner with battery and treat yourself to a large radius of action with the wired floor vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors. A good all-rounder is always the better choice here than a collection of handheld vacuum cleaners and sticks vacuum cleaners that you can use to rework behind a floor vacuum cleaner robot.

The vacuum cleaner market has experienced some revolutions in just a few years. Where initially the first-floor vacuum cleaners without bags came onto the market, the first cordless vacuum cleaners and hard floor cleaners with wiping functions gradually joined. Since automation is also finding its way into private households, there is now even a variety of vacuum cleaner robots that are supposed to keep the floor clean fully automatically.

We have therefore researched for you various vacuum cleaner tests on the Internet where the advantages and disadvantages of the individual vacuum cleaners lie. In our floor vacuum cleaner comparison 2022, we deal with different floor vacuum cleaner nozzles, practical extras, and technical details so that you can better orient yourself before purchasing.

Treat yourself and the environment to a good energy efficiency class

On the basis of defined EU directives, the efficiency of energy utilization is appropriate for every electrical appliance. Very good devices are marked with A++, while supposed bargains with energy efficiency class C consume a lot of electricity in the long run.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

Before we go into the special features of cordless vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with wet functions, we want to sort out the offer. In various vacuum cleaner tests on the Internet, the following devices have been presented to us:

Stick vacuum cleaner: On a central element is the dust bag, the suction cup, the motor, the controls, the cable, and a handle. It can be stored compactly and cleans carpets and hard floors alike. Sometimes different feet are offered for change.

Classic vacuum cleaner: Motor and bag or the bagless catch system are located in a compact unit with castors. The controls are attached to it and the power cable can usually be stored here via cable feeder. On a long hose with the suction pipe is then the suction cup with different nozzles.

Cordless floor vacuum cleaner: Similar in format to the stick vacuum cleaner, with the battery driving the motor instead of the cable. Between uses, vacuum cleaners with batteries are usually recharged in a holder to save space.

Hard floor cleaner: Similar to a broom to which a water tank and a wiper foot are attached. The motor is supplied with energy either via cable or battery. These vacuum cleaners are only suitable for hard floors and not for carpets or cork.

Floor vacuum cleaners with wiping function: Mostly modified floor vacuum cleaners with a vertical construction, which both classic vacuum carpets and hard floors, but can also wipe with the appropriate attachment.

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As you can already guess, there are all sorts of decisions to be made on the way to the new vacuum cleaner in order to finally find the right model.

We will not go into more detail about vacuum cleaner robots, as the technical details are completely different here. Please read other comparisons that evaluate robot vacuums with different technologies and controls in detail.

Regardless of whether you want a vacuum cleaner with a lot of accessories and interchangeable nozzles or are looking for a universal floor vacuum cleaner, you should always pay attention to the following features: High suction power, low weight, and the lowest possible volume are advantageous for every device.

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