6 Blonde Hair Colors Trending Right Now

Trendy blonde colors that are on-trend

Trendy blonde colors that are on-trend

Is it true that blondes have more fun? We can’t say for sure, but these gorgeous blonde hair colors options have us yearning to try them out. If the cold weather has given your beauty regimen a bad case of cabin fever or if your color is withering and you’re ready for a refresh, we’ve rounded together some of the most beautiful blonde color variations which you can achieve by coloring your hair or using a shade of blonde human hair clip-in extensions.

We are giving you all the ideas to help you change your look on all ends of the blonde spectrum, whether you want to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s platinum blonde or our favorite strawberry blonde. These blonde hues will make you feel vibrant and beautiful. Ready? Let’s get some inspiration!

1.    Dark Hair Color Blonde With Light Brown Highlights

A sultry color with kinky curly clip-in hair extensions
A sultry color with kinky curly clip-in hair extensions

This shade of blonde is ideal for ladies who want to go blonde but aren’t prepared to go completely blonde. This dark blonde color with pale brown highlights is a much healthier and wholesome way to have blonde hair.

It’s also extremely easy to keep up with, especially if your hair is innately darker. The light brown accents character your strands, making them appear thicker. You can add additional volume or length with kinky curly clip-in hair extensions if you want to add additional hair colors volume or length! The kinky clip-in extensions will be useful if your hair has been bleached and damaged.

This two-toned, blondish, brownish, whatever you want to call it, is what you must shoot for.

2.    Brown To Blonde Ombre Hair Colors

Brown to blonde color
Brown to blonde color

Ombre is here to stay, which is a good thing. The perfect lazy gal style is this golden ombre hair color. When this low-maintenance trend became trendy a few years ago, natural and bottle blondes were thrilled.

The darker roots are grown out and blend flawlessly with lighter ends. However, some people have a tough time accomplishing it than others, so some resort to ombre human hair clip-in extensions.

Natural blondes can typically achieve a stunning ombre without going to the salon for a few weeks and using a toner to combat brassiness. Darker darlings, on the other hand, may require more attention. A full head of moderate highlights across the mid-lengths and the ends of your hair will give you the perfect brown to blonde ombre transition.

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to ombre.

  • The first is locating the ideal stylist. You’ve surely seen ombre done incorrectly, and it’s not cute. Investigate local ombre specialists and read real-life testimonials. Alternatively, you can sport a headful of ombre brown to blonde human hair clip-in extensions.

  • Nothing is worse than lying about how much you looooove your new do and then crying at home. Before allowing the bleach to reach your strands, check who is coloring your hair to avoid looking like a tragic hair tale.

  • One thing to remember is that ombre entails the notorious bleach-induced dryness and breakage. To keep your hair hydrated and healthy, ensure you take additional care of your hair. If you’re not ready to commit to bleach, you can go with ombre-colored halo extensions or clip in hair extensions human hair with lighter ends. You will be able to enjoy the same blonde look without the commitment or additional care.

3.    Hair Colors Blonde Strawberry

Strawberry blonde
Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde is a delicate yet striking tint that allows you to experiment with your appearance without going overboard. This playful blonde hair color is ideal for every season and can also be achieved with tape-in, halo, and human hair clip-in extensions! It is equally appealing on pale and dark complexion beauties due to its combination of warm and cool tints. Try coloring your brows a crimson color if you want to take this appearance to the next level.

If your hair is on the verge of becoming dullas a faux blonde, this is a terrific method to give it some love without going completely black. This is also an excellent initial step for brown girls who want to go blonde. However, if you are looking for extensions in strawberry blonde color, then search for strawberry blonde tape in hair extensions salon near me to find a hair vendor.

4.    Caramel Blonde Highlights

Caramel blonde highlights
Caramel blonde highlights

This trendy blonde color is rich and warm, like a blanket for your head. Creamy caramel highlights provide dimension and elevate dark and light browns, making strands appear thicker.

It’s certainly one of the simplest techniques to give thin hair the appearance of volume. This is an excellent technique to lighten darker summer colors and give your tresses a natural sun-kissed look. These highlights are equally appropriate for the dead of winter. It all depends on whether you’re wearing a big coat or a bathing suit with them.

When correctly placed, the lovely caramel blonde highlights create a brightening impact and keeps darker hair from looking too drab or lifeless! If you have curly or coily hair, get caramel blonde highlights with curly and kinky curly clip-in hair extensions.

5.    Sandy Blonde Hair Colors

Curly sandy blonde
Curly sandy blonde

This is the trendy mermaid shade you’ve been dreaming about! The combination of khaki and dark blonde, sandy strands are ideal for the shoreline, just like their salt sister. It complements sun-kissed complexion and freckled faces because of its mellow undertones. It’s normally a solid color with no highlights, but for a few darker strands scattered around for dimension.

This sandy blonde is easier to maintain than platinum or ash because it requires fewer toners. If you’re employing bleach to get this sandy color, you should still consider increasing your hair’s moisture. However, if you don’t want to go through the bleaching procedure, we suggest using halo or human hair clip-in extensions! You will get the same result without the upkeep!

This sandy blonde color looks extremely striking with feathery brows and sculpted cheekbones. To finish the style, add curls or mermaid waves.

6.    Face-Framing Blonde

Gorgeous face-framing blonde hue
Gorgeous face-framing blonde hue

The bright or bleached blonde front strands are perhaps the most current style of all the blonde hairstyles. This one thanks to TIK TOK, can be seen on content creators and influencers all around the world. While you may achieve this style in any color, the blonde front strands are unquestionably the most popular. It’s not just edgy, original, and exciting but also quite appealing.

This blonde style has softer locks that frame the face and can be styled with dark all-over colors and a deeper or platinum hue. Directing the focus downwards adds depth, slims the face, and emphasizes your facial features– which is why the look skyrocketed in popularity.

As stunning as this looks, you won’t be able to achieve a flawless result with human hair clip-in extensions due to the placement of the highlights.


Try our favorite blonde colors mentioned above and ditch the winter cabin fever! Experiment with exciting blonde colors from strawberry to sandy blonde and everything in between!

If you are uncertain, you can always choose human hair clip-in extensions to achieve the desired color! To find the perfect blonde color, search for blonde clip-in hair extensions near me or locate a salon that carries the best 16 inch balayage one piece hair extensions from Halo Couture. The salon-exclusive brand has a plethora of human hair extensions in stunning blonde shades! Get your blonde game on!

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