Top 5 Factors That Can Make Your PhD Dissertation Standout

PhD Dissertation

A PhD dissertation is the most crucial project of your entire career. Successful completion of a PhD dissertation can enhance your career significantly. But a PhD dissertation must be unique and distinguishable that can gain you recognition and respect in the scholarly community. It is without any doubt an arduous task to complete a PhD dissertation. But how can you write a unique dissertation? If you want to make your dissertation stand out from others, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you about the top five factors that can make your PhD dissertation stand out from others.

What Are The Top Five Factors That Can Make Your Phd Dissertation Stand Out?

A PhD dissertation is a complex project that requires careful planning, precision, and logical consistency. It is not a typical research paper that you had to write for different subjects. But it is quite complex that requires analytical and evaluation techniques. The supervising committee expects PhD students to write quality dissertations that fulfil the academic criteria. It must add value to the existing body of knowledge, and it must be flawless. Expert PhD dissertation writers have shared here top five factors that can make your PhD dissertation standout:

Select a Unique Topic

The first step in making your dissertation distinguishable from others is to have a unique research topic. The research topic must not be too broad or too narrow instead you should select a balanced topic. Topic selection is the most crucial factor that can make your PhD dissertation stand out from others. You must do some brainstorming before selecting a unique topic. Select a topic that matches your interests and one that fills a gap in the literature.

Moreover, you should choose a research topic which has an established corpus of knowledge and data is easily available.  It is important to avoid controversial topics for your PhD dissertation because you need a lot of evidence to strengthen your arguments. Controversial topics lack ample literature, and it is difficult to collect data for them. It is because you will have to start from scratch and rely on primary data alone to generate theoretical insights. But if you choose a topic that has a well-established body of knowledge you will have ample evidence at your disposal. Moreover, the title of your dissertation should be short but descriptive. It must be a catchy title with the relevant keywords that explain the major concepts of the research.

Build a Strong Research Problem and Research Questions

The next factor that can make your PhD dissertation stand out from others is having a strong research problem and research questions. A research problem is the central idea of the dissertation that serves as an anchor for the entire research. The research problem sets the tone for the entire dissertation, and it must be strong. A solid research problem is arguable and a clear stance of the researcher about the topic. Further, the researcher has to defend the research problem throughout the dissertation with supporting evidence.

A vague research problem leads to a directionless study and readers face difficulties in identifying the main point of the research. So, if you want to make your PhD research distinguishable from others you must formulate a strong research problem. The next thing that makes your dissertation unique is the research questions. Research questions must specific, clear and straightforward. You will evaluate the literature and collect evidence to find answers to the research questions. A dissertation that has clear and specific research questions helps the researcher generate deep insights into the research problem. There are best PhD dissertation writing companies available to provide help in formulating research questions.

Evaluate the Literature Critically

The third factor that makes your PhD dissertation distinguishable is your ability to engage with the literature. A literature review is not about summarising what other authors have stated in their research. It requires evaluating the relevant research and building connections with your research problem. The most important task of a literature review is to find the gaps in the existing studies. Gap identification justifies your research problem and provides the rationale for conducting the study. You will have to engage with literature critically and provide a comparative perspective of the relevant studies. You must have the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the arguments and ideas of other authors.

A literature review requires briefly explaining what others have said and then identifying the gaps in their findings. Moreover, you will have to connect the ideas logically and use the literature in a dialectical manner to spark the discussion. It is not enough to include the literature in your dissertation that strengthens your main argument. But a good researcher always acknowledges the counterarguments and identify the strengths and weakness by engaging critically with the discourse. A critical literature review will build your credibility as a researcher and make your dissertation unique.

Cohesion and Coherence

A dissertation must have cohesion and coherence throughout the text. You must develop ideas logically and consistently. The development of the research problem throughout the dissertation must be showcased logically. The paragraphs must be structured in the respective orders and ideas must flow naturally and without any sudden abruptions. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence which is the main idea supported by evidence, explanation and linking statements. You must have the ability to use connectives and coordinating and contrast conjunctions to demonstrate the link between the ideas. Moreover, you will also have to use contrast words to show the transition between the ideas. Dissertations that are coherent and cohesively develop ideas are unique.

Using Credible Sources and Proper Citations

The last factor that has a significant impact on making your PhD dissertation stand out is the usage of credible sources. A PhD dissertation is a higher-level research project that requires using credible sources from reputable journals. You must not use internet sources whose credibility is questionable. Use sources that are credible and authentic. You must evaluate your sources before using them in your dissertation. The next thing is to ensure that you are citing everything properly. Academic honesty is the hallmark of a good scholar. So, even if you paraphrase the ideas of others, it is important to acknowledge them with proper citations and references.


The above mentioned five factors can make your PhD dissertation distinguishable from others. You must have a solid research problem that you can support with ample evidence. Moreover, the literature review must be thorough and analytical for your dissertation to stand out from others.

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