10 games to play with your baby below 1 year of age

baby is playing

It’s a rewarding task to stimulate your baby in the early months. You will learn a variety of activities that you can do together until your child turns one. You will be able to help your child explore the world, and you will also have special moments with your family. This will allow you to build bonds.

You may also want to know about educational toys for babies under 12 months. These games are easy for babies under one year old. Many of these games are based upon imitation, which is one of the best ways for them to learn. These activities should be done with the consideration that they are small and will not pay attention. Therefore, you need to use their senses in a variety of ways.

Songs, stories, and tales

He may be too small to do this activity but he still loves your voice. Also, he tells stories using different voices and exaggerating his tone. He will listen to you carefully and improve his language skills. Songs are also a great way to relax and stimulate your hearing.


You will be amazed at how children react to someone making a joke of them. If you work on this possibility, you’ll see how children immediately attempt to imitate your gestures and, as they get older, make the same noises. You can make a fun imitation game for your little ones (up to 6 months old) that will improve their language skills.

Water games

You can fill the tub with water and teach him to splash. You can make water games as he gets older. He will be able to appreciate the temperature difference between liquid and ice, or how it behaves in another container like a plastic ball.

The tower should be taken down

You have probably wondered many times why children love throwing pieces of wood to the ground. It may seem odd, but it is something you should encourage. This will help them develop their psychomotor and learn how to control their bodies. They will also discover the cause-effect relationship slowly over time.


Mirrors are an everyday object they love. They love mirrors because they can see their reflections and are often surprised by the images. Play hide-and-seek and display your image in the mirror. Children love to see how you disappear and appear.

Shadow games

The shadows are another reason to excite them between 0-6 months. It is almost magical for them that has its motion. You will be amazed at how simple it is to create figures with your hands using shadow theater.


Soap bubbles are the easiest thing to do and they love it. These games are easy for 1-year-olds. You just need to drop bubbles. You can make them fall in front of his face and hands so that he can catch them on the fly. This simple gesture will encourage their psychomotricity and sense of sight.

Dancing Baby

The rocking helps calm the babies and improves their coordination and balance. You can hold him and encourage him to dance along with you. They will also be working on their language and ear skills as they try to imitate the sounds.

Follow the sound

Continue with the ear with a simple game that will help you find your little one’s hearing ability. You can place an object that makes noise near your child, but keep it out of his reach. A rubber duck with a sound, a radio, or an alarm clock can be used. It can be moved in many directions to make it follow the sound.


You can stimulate his brain with mobiles or cuddly toys, such as hanging mobiles from his crib. You can move the object you choose away from his face to encourage him to look at it with his eyes. To improve your visual ability, you should use color images that contrast one another in the first few months.

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