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As consumer demands continue to increase and employees need reliable tools to support their day-to-day operations anytime, anywhere, handheld PDAs are fast becoming a must-have in every industry. Urovo mobile computers allow for better scanning and management, saving workers time and increasing productivity.

Features of the PDA Mobile Computer device:

– The Urovo handheld PDA device has a professional advanced scan engine that can quickly read 1D/2D codes with millisecond response even when worn, wrinkled, warped, curled, torn, dirty, or damaged.

– The Urovo handheld PDA has a better octa-core CPU and Android 9.0/10.0 system configuration, and low power consumption, thus extending battery life and keeping the heat generation level relatively low. Powerful configuration is the basis for smooth operation, so smooth operation and powerful configuration become one of the powerful features of Urovo mobile computer scanners.

– Urovo mobile computer scanners feature fast, seamless WiFi connectivity, giving you the freedom to enjoy high-speed internet without worrying about losing your internet connection.

Advantages of Urovo handheld products:

Dual Input Design – Includes keyboard and touchscreen input capabilities.

Fast WiFi Seamless Roaming – Achieve a stable connection to the Internet.

Strong sound feedback – The optimized speakers are designed for indoor venues, so you can hear the clear sound even in noisy environments.

Powerful computing performance – eight-core CPU, fast computing speed, low power consumption.

Fast and accurate code scanning – using international professional two-dimensional modules, the response time is only a few milliseconds.

As an industry-leading provider of mobile application solutions, we know that finding the perfect device for your business needs can be a daunting task. But Urovo has a wide variety of products to choose from, whether your company needs advanced features only found on the highest-end warehouse equipment, or just enough power for basic tasks like scanning products or taking inventory, the Urovo handheld PDA have solutions for you.

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