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Malayalam is the official language of Kerala in southern India. Malayalam is a Southern Dravidian language, closely related to Tamil. Though a close relative of Tamil, Malayalam has its own alphabet and script. Read on to learn more about Malayalam. Also known as Keralan, Malayalam is an important language in southern India. It is one of 22 official languages in India. Its oldest written record dates back to 830 A.D. Download openload movies here.

Malayalam has its roots in the ancient language of Vattelettu, which was used to make moulds for printing. The printing press came to Kerala with Benjamin Bailey. Initially, Malayalam was written in Grantha script with square type fonts, but Benjamin Bailey introduced the round script in 1829. Over time, the script underwent further changes as printing requirements changed. In the twentieth century, the Malayalam script was adopted by different communities.

The primary stress in Malayalam words is fixed on the first syllable. Because it is an agglutinative language, Malayalam uses suffixes to create words and express grammatical functions. In addition, the language has five cases. In addition to the nominative case, there are personal pronouns for each case. Malayalam also has a plural-specific form of ‘we’.

Malayalam has a rich history of interaction with other languages. Christians in Kerala once wrote the language in Syriac script. However, this practice was discouraged because of the difficulties of printing Malayalam. This resulted in a mixture of simplified and traditional letters. Despite the changes, however, Malayalam is still a highly spoken language in the world. However, the development of Malayalam is still underway.

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