Download Best Free PC Games In 2022

Best Free PC Games

How you can download some of the best and most popular pc games entirely for free and this includes games like fortnite counter-strike league of legends roblox call of duty and the list goes on and on basically if you’re looking to play a fun game and you don’t want to bust out your wallet you’re in luck when you look at the list of the top 20 pc games that people are playing around the world it turns out that about 70 of these games are entirely free to play but what’s the catch and why are they free in the past when you wanted to play a pc game you’d have to pay for it up front and that would give you all of the core functionality but game companies have recently been changing this model where they give you the base game for free and then the hope is that you’ll make in-game purchases for things like virtual goods or other premium features.

Download Best Free PC Games.

There are a few different places where you can download pc game and unfortunately there’s not just one comprehensive list with all free pc games but we’re gonna walk through some of the top sites where you can get the best pc games. 

1- Epic games:

Epic games and epic games is the maker of some of the most popular games including fortnite rocket league and genshin impact you can head to their website by clicking on the link down below once you land on their home page up on the top navigation bar click on browse then over on the right hand side select the free filter next go down to the section that says type and then select the games filter this way we’ll see all of the free games and there are many different options here now some of the most popular games here you’ll find valorant you can also get league of legends here’s genchin impact we have rocket league and if you go to the second page here you’ll find fortnite one of the most popular games to install any one of these games simply click on the title and then here in the top right hand corner you can click on download.

2- Steam:

Steam is one of the largest distributors of pc games to head to their website you can click on the link down below once you land on their home page over on the left hand side click on free to play and here you’ll see all of the different games that are completely free if you just want to see the most popular titles click on this header that says top sellers and i know it’s called top sellers but you’re not really buying any of these games so they’re not really top sellers but it basically shows you the most popular games once this list loads you’ll see some of the most popular games for example here’s lost ark apex legends counter strike global offensive destiny 2 pubg battlegrounds and dota 2 just to name some of the most popular ones here too to play any one of these games simply click on the title and on the next page click on play game if you do not yet have the steam desktop app you’ll have to download that first but you’ll be well on your way to playing this game. 

3-Xbox App:

Xbox app and if you’re running windows you already have this app pre-installed simply go down to the search field and type in xbox then click on the best match once the app launches up in the search field simply type in free and here you’ll see all of the different free games and i know in the first position it says minecraft but this is really the minecraft launcher and that’s free but it’s not really the game but here in the second position we see roblox one of the most popular games and here we also see another title called halo infinite also a very excellent game here to play any one of these games simply click on the title and then click on get.

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