Things that need to be considered while planning a Small Group Safari Tanzania.


When you think for a “small group safari in Tanzania”, then you might ponder for Serengeti and the Great Migration, but apart from it, there are still certain more things to consider. It will help to get the most out of the experience while enjoying the famous African natural wonder.

How much time will be ideal for a safari trip in Tanzania?

  • Up to four days.

Oftenly people asked how much time they should spend on the safari trip to Tanzania? It is very complex to answer since it is entirely based on the individuals. Actually, the main point is your budget and what you want to see.

Rather we wouldn’t advise anything less than a three-night safari to nail your time in one location. Generally, a three-night small group safari in Tanzania takes place as a side trip, while staying in an area mixed with business and without any time.

  • Four to Seven days.

If you’re gazing for a four to seven nights trip, then this will provide you fairly more variety and you could even visit three diverse regions or parks to get a much better safari experience.  Based on your preferred list, with the Serengeti Safari, you can cover Ngorongoro Crater without feeling like you are on a “Ferrari-safari” and a hot-air balloon safari might fit the cultural experiences.

  • More than seven days.

Devoting more than seven days opens up a complete list of chances and will be ideal if your budget and time allow. As you can’t spend so much leisure time in a busy “rat-race” lifestyle, although if you’ve got the desire to replenish your soul then this is the appropriate way.

Devoting more than seven days will permit you to experience the elephants at Tarangire National park, the Flamingos at Lake Manyara (bases on the time of the year), a picnic lunch inside the Ngorongoro Crater, local village lunch at Mto Wa Mbo, traditional Masai village visits, finishing on a high note in the Serengeti seeing the Great Migration in action. You can also add a side trip at one of Zanzibar’s various lodges and hotels to end your perfect African safari.

What would you like to experience in your “small group safari in Tanzania”?

  • Cultural experiences.

With over 120 different tribes Tanzania is an extremely culture-rich country, among which the Masai’s are the most popular tribe in the outside world. A smaller piece of recommendation for you if you get to learn a couple of words in Swahili, which is one of the two official languages in Tanzania and is frequently been used in the country. However, speaking English would be nice, and you would have no real issues in communicating with people. A translator is always there if required you can hire them as well.

If you want to mix some cultural experiences and get to know the people, there are several places where you can visit like the traditional Masai village and get to know about their history. Apart from it, Mto Wa Mbo is another excellent place to witness how the Tanzanian tribes live in, where the locals will going to welcome you into their home to experience a traditional lunch. For those who looking for a little more, there is a local village tour in and amongst the banana orchards.

These stops don’t take much time and it encompasses well with your travel itinerary, constructing it a pitstop on the way to your next destination.

  • Serengeti.

“Endless plains” is the meaning of the word Serengeti as it is synonymous with Tanzania, an ideal name that describes the Serengeti perfectly! Serengeti is an enormous National park, as it spread over approximately 12,000 square miles, the size of Belgium, and hosts the world’s most famous natural wonder for most of the year.

As far as the eye can see, it is difficult to illustrate the emotions that one gets by seeing thou and thou of wildebeests and zebras. During the calving season, the Southern Serengeti is the best, while the Northern Serengeti is best during the Mara river crossing when the wildbeest and zebra head into the Masao Mara. No matter where the migration flocks are, the Central Serengeti is great all year through, as you can experience a few big cats and other big-5 animals. So, it will be much more appreciable if you add Central Serengeti to your itinerary!

  • Ngorongoro Crater.

This is the world’s greatest passive volcanic caldera, which shares its ecosystem with a wetland, forest, swamp, and open plains. The complete experience can be done in a day trip along the route and sitting between Manyara Lake and the Serengeti.

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