How to spot a high quality table tennis table?


The best way to identify a high quality table tennis tables is to check for the thickness of the tabletop. Normally, the thickness of the tabletop ranges from 12mm to 25mm. With thicker tabletops, you will get better quality. And, obviously, the quality will keep on decreasing with the thinner variants.

Never buy those Table Tennis Tables in Sydney, which have a thinner top because not only they will be flimsy and get damaged easily but also the ball will not bounce quite well enough. It is actually decent to purchase a table which have a medium thickness, maybe between 16mm to 19mm. Such table lasts for a very long time and also ensures that you get a consistent bounce before its quality starts deteriorating.

Although expensive, table tennis tables which have a tabletop thickness between 22mm and 25mm are definitely the best. If you are looking for the best possible experience of table tennis gameplay, you can blindly oft for these tables.

Factors to keep in mind before purchasing Table Tennis Tables:

(1) Flexibility: Before purchasing Table Tennis Tables you should first make up your mind whether you are going to set up your table permanently, or you will be frequently packing it up and moving it. It’s always better to go for a fold up model Table Tennis Tables in Sydney, if you are going to take it up constantly up and down, as they are quite simple to set up.

Also, these tables have easy rollers which allows easy movements, and thus can be easily handled by a single individual. Moreover, there are brakes on the wheels, which stops the table from moving around when in use.

(2) Bewildering Legs: Overtime, the table has to take quite a beating so you should always make sure that the table you choose has really strong legs and support. Give a close look at the bottom of the logs, where there are leg levelers, as they become quite handy if the floor you are playing is not level enough. You can make use of these levelers in order to keep the table’s height at its standard 30 inches above the floor.

(3) Leveling: Leveling also plays a crucial part while playing table tennis. Look for any possible bending or warping which can affect the bounce of the ball significantly. In order to ensure that the Table Tennis Tables in Sydney is flat or not, 1 yard or 1 meter long spirit level can prove handy.

(4) One piece or two piece: One piece tables stay in one piece and can also be folded in the middle, as they have an undercarriage or a single trolley system. These one piece Table Tennis Tables are also known as “Rollaway”. One piece tables are very easy to align the halves providing the facility to half open it and use it to practice alone. But the only disadvantage is that it takes a large amount of storage space.

On the other hand, they are not only space efficient but also easily portable as they can be divided into separate halves. But, often it becomes a bit difficult to properly align themselves, and thus start your game. Each side might have its own set of wheels or they might be incorporated into the center of table.

The Bottom Line:

Now, that you have got a better idea as to what are the factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing Table Tennis Tables in Sydney, why wait?  Just get hold of these tables from a trusted seller and relish a fete while playing table tennis with your friends and family.

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