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What do you understand by the term Trademark?

 Well! “trademark” is the most popular legal term that is used to denote the “Brand Name” of a business. The symbol, word, name, device, numerals, or any other signs that are used graphically by an organization can be registered as a trademark. It is a unique identity that separates one good and service from others

A trademark is simple enough to speak and remember, yet its uniqueness and distinctive character should not be lost. The consumer’s decision to purchase a product or to employ the services is greatly influenced by the brand value and reputation held by the company.

So, if you’re a new business entrepreneur who’s looking for someone to get help in doing “trademark registration at Turkey“, then before you proceed to do so lets us see how a trademark registration is going to be fruitful for you.

•           Sole proprietorship: – As the owner of a registered trademark, you’re going to enjoy exclusive rights over it. You can utilize the same for all products falling under the same category. Moreover, you are going to enjoy the sole proprietorship of the Trademark by stopping others from misusing it under the same category where it has been registered. While it provides you the authority to take legal actions against the unauthorized use of your identity.

•           Helps to build faith and goodwill: – The accepted value of your product and services are known to everyone by the trademark and this helps to form faith and goodwill among the customers in the market. It assists to build stable customers who are loyal and always ready to opt for your product.

•           Differentiates Product: – Trademark makes it simple for the customers to locate your product. It distinguishes your product and the identity of your product from existing and anticipated competitors and acts as a skilled trading tool. The logo will convey the vision, quality, or unique features of your company and any organization.

•       Acknowledgment to product’s standard: – Trademark provides acknowledgment to the standard of a product. Customers always evaluate the product’s standard with a brand name. It creates an image in the market about the standard of a particular brand that draws new customers as they can differentiate the standard of the product by logo/branding name.

•           Creation of Asset: – Trademark registration can produce an intangible asset like intellectual property for an organization. A registered trademark is a created right that may be sold, assigned, franchised, or commercially contracted. Further, the Trademark is an intangible asset that provides convenience to the organization.

•           Use of ® symbol: – When the trademark registration is done you can then use the ® symbol on your logo stating that it is a registered trademark and no one will be able to use the same. Trademark is exclusive for all kinds of usage and rights. After “trademark registration at Turkey” if someone tries to copy your registered mark then you can take legal actions against them.

•           Protection against infringement: – No one will be able to utilize the wordmark or logo registered on behalf of your company. Anyhow if someone uses such without your knowledge or makes any deceptive use of the same, then as per the industrial act you will get legal protection in terms of safeguarding your identity.

•           Protection for 10 Years at low cost: – Online Trademark registration is done at a cheap maintainability cost. Where you only have to pay the maintenance cost and renewal cost just after 10 years of making the registration. This is economical and helps your company in forming a unique identity.

•           Global Trademark Registration: If anyone desires to register the trademark in countries other than Turkey, then that registration in Turkey can be used as the basis of registration there.  Whosoever is willing to expand their business outside Turkey, then making “trademark registration at Turkey” will going to offer a good base along with the recognized goodwill in the country.

•           Attract Human Resources: Every youngster’s mind desire to unite with big Brands as it acts as a magnet. This encourages the potential image of an organization and thus candidates get attracted towards them easily. This lowers the cost per recruitment and related activities.

Therefore, this is how trademark registration is going to be fruitful for a business. After going through the entire matter, I hope that you have got the entire concept of why trademark registration is important for your business.

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